Territories for Franchisees Explained

Posted on: January 11, 2019

A common question that's raised from prospective franchisees is related to territory, what the rules are and the benefits it offers.

The simple answer is that as a new franchisee, you'll be assigned exlusivity of your chosen postcode area, and that remains yours alone to work within.

How do we decide upon a territory?

There are a few factors in deciding upon a territory, and we'll work with you to secure the area that's right for you. This will include anticipating how much work you'll be able to take on, growth potential, the areas you'd like to work within, and the anticipated number of jobs likely to be secured on a regular basis.

All of the above will factor into your business plan which we'll work with you to produce.

What you can expect

  • Rights to an area that is yours alone
  • An area sufficient to generate continual work
  • Marketing and promotion in your area to secure new contracts - we cover the costs
  • Opportunities to expand as your business grows
  • On-going support in all areas including training, marketing & finance

Understanding Your Market

By having exclusive rights to an area, you won't have any competition with other Access Loft Conversions franchisees, and we'll actively promote your services in your chosen area. The most integral part of starting a new business is understanding your market, and we work with a leading data analyst to understand your territory, the opportunities available and how we can secure those opportunities.

When you come onboard, we'll analyse your territory to highlight hotspots where our core clients are based. We'll use the main marketing areas to deliver marketing that will in turn secure you work. Marketing is a key factor in continually securing new work that helps your franchisee business succeed. We work to continually raise brand awareness in your area, and cover the costs of ongoing marketing through our approved methods, helping to raise the brand profile and gain new contracts.

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