5 Reasons to consider an Access Franchise before you start your own joinery business

Posted on: January 16, 2019

Are you considering going it alone? Starting your own business is a decision not to be taken lightly, but have you considered the alternatives such as franchising? 

Our franchise package offers all of the benefits of running your own business such as the potential income, choosing your own working hours and the opportunity to grow your company, but also reduces a huge number of risks and stresses you might otherwise encounter along the way.

Below are the top 5 reasons you might want to consider our franchise model over a regular business:

1. We'll support you to get setup, including business plans, finance and more, so you can start generating income quickly

The road to self employment can be a long process. Thankfully, our experienced team will support you to start your business far more quickly than you might think, and avoid the common pitfalls that so many new business owners face. Our 25 years of experience in loft conversions, combined with our franchise team means we have the knowledge, systems and processes in place to support you from day one. This ranges from:

  • Finance - We work with Franchise Finance, a trusted brand that assist new franchisees with sourcing funding
  • Training - We'll provide on-going training in management and customer service, as well as product training through suppliers such as Velux
  • Branding - You'll join our recognised brand with everything you need, from uniforms and stationary, to van and scaffolding branding.
  • Suppliers - We have access to the UK's largest trade merchants and through combined buying power attain exception rates exclusive to us

2. You can focus on the work you love, without the continual stress of sourcing new work

Leaflet drops, sales calls, local media advertising and online promotion are all time consuming and often expensive tasks. When you're starting from scratch, these tasks are all necessary to get your brand out there and start finding leads. Without a substantial budget, it's likely to be a slow uphill struggle unless you can rely on word of mouth alone.

We remove this aspect entirely by handling your marketing and promotion for you. We work with industry leading analysts to map your area, identifying hot spots where your core clients will be based, and actively promote the business in these areas, and understand the local competition. We handle sales calls and enquiries too, leaving you with the opportunity to focus solely on what you do best, completing quality loft conversions for your customers.

The bottom line is that we source the job, design the job and you build the job!

3. You'll keep your overheads low

The costs of running a business can quickly spiral, with office space, excess materials, recruitment, accountants and more often needed. We help franchisees to keep their overheads low.

A small office or home office will suffice in your first year of operation, as you'll be spending almost all of your working time on-site. We have specialists on hand for support in many areas of running your business, and for all jobs we calculate required materials to precise specifications by our architectural team, reducing costs for both you and your customer.

We even provide you with an Access Loft Conversions Van, and cover the costs for the first 3 months lease payments.

4. We'll help to grow your business

How do you scale your business from a single van to multiple teams? There's no easy solution, however we have the knowledge and experience to help you build your business. We can assist in areas such as sourcing subcontractors, recruiting new team members and accessing funding to help your business grow as the demand for your services increases.

5. A quick return on your investment

At £15,000, we offer a unique solution to qualified joiners and tradespeople to launch their business quickly, without cutting any corners.  A single van operation carrying out 1 to 2 jobs per month can expect to make £70,000 (drawings and pre-tax profit). We envisage you would begin seeing a return on your investment within just 3 months. 

When you compare this with traditional start-up costs, and the fact you'll start working and earning almost immediately, we think it's a no-brainer. 

If the prospect of the above appeals to you, why not get in touch for a discussion around your experience, your ideas and whether an Access Loft Conversions franchise is right for you? 

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